“I moved out to Colorado and was searching for a CF gym. I read up on Banshee and member reviews and decided to join with my boyfriend, Nick. We have joined a community of friends. In my year here, I have PR’d and done things I never could have imagined achieving in 2.5 yrs of CF. Best decision by far. Love our community.”
– Bong C.

“The coaches will help you learn the fundamental movements and theories of CrossFit, as well as your abilities and limitations. They will take that personalized knowledge of you and help you create a workout that is challenging but safe for you and your current capabilities. From there you will gradually go up.”
– Valerie V.

“I dropped in to CrossFit Banshee for a week and was instantly impressed with the owner and his coaches. They weren’t afraid to correct my form even though I’m a CrossFit Coach myself, a rare quality in a CrossFit box, and also pushed me in every workout. I was also very impressed with how well the coaches knew their athletes’ strengths and weaknesses.”
– Zach P., Visiting Member

“I have an extreme amount of energy now and my self confidence is through the roof. Knowing you can push your limits beyond what your mind tells you is a huge confidence booster. I can play with my kids for more than 5 minutes without getting exhausted, do cart wheels, handstands, swing on monkey bars, etc. I pay attention to what I eat now, knowing I have to eat better to perform better, gives me a little extra willpower to stay away from junk.”
– Daryl H.

“It has increased my confidence and improved my attitude. My posture may still need work, but it no longer hurts throughout the day as I sit at a computer. It has also made me more adventurous.”
– Brittany B.

“My favorite part of CrossFit is learning new movements and getting better each week at different movements. Unlike other forms of exercise, CrossFit keeps me motivated to go on because of the continued learning.”
– Marvin R.

“From someone who has “counted calories” and “tracked points” for years, for the first time in my life, I feel in control of my nutrition. The nutrition modules have been beyond eye-opening. They involve so much more then merely what you should eat. These modules are unlike anything I’ve ever tried.”
– Vanessa R.

“I feel pretty proud and happy of all the work we’ve put in. Easier to choose healthier options and being aware of emotions and intentions when eating. It can sometimes feel like a lot of work but committed in continuing habits till it becomes a lifestyle. ”
– Mel

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