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Personal Training

//Personal Training

Personal Training

Did you know that CrossFit Banshee offers personalized one-on-one training and small groups options? Our personal training can help those who aren’t into the group training or maybe you have something that you need to work on.

Skill Sessions

No, our group training classes aren’t going away. But almost everyone can benefit from a little extra help. Working on getting a Muscle Up?  Need help with Handstand Pushups?  Maybe your snatch isn’t where you want it. A couple of 30 minute one-on-one sessions can help put you on the fast track and developing those skills.

Coach Steve leading Fran through a skill session focusing on Row technique

Personal Training

Maybe you aren’t yet one of our CrossFit athletes or maybe you are and just want more. Perhaps our class schedule doesn’t fit yours or maybe the group scene isn’t your thing. We offer one-on-one hour long sessions to give you a really great workout with the detailed instruction from one of our coaches.

Individual Design

Our CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD) isn’t designed for every individual’s needs. The general approach is great for all purpose fitness, but won’t address specific weaknesses or imbalances that you might have. We offer an individual approach to know when to do CrossFit and when to do something else.

CrossFit Group Classes

CrossFit Group classes really are a personal training program.   In a 60 Minute class each person in the class can expect about 3 – 5 Minutes of personalized instruction including movement coaching, and scaling options to get the intended workout.

Coach Steve leading a class through Wall Walks

The options above will obviously give different results for different people, but if you are accustomed to a CrossFit Group class and only getting 3 – 5 Minutes of personalized instruction.  Imagine how much more quickly you could develop with a coach dedicating their time and energy on you for 30 minutes (Skill Session) or 60 Minutes worth of personalized training.   Taking it even further would be a completely personalized program that hits your strengths and weaknesses to get results even faster (Individual Design).