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Goal Review

Goal Review

For members of the CrossFit Banshee family, we consistently want to sit down and make sure you are reaching your personal goals.   Each quarter we offer a free sit down to go over your goals.   In this session, you get to sit down with a coach and talk about where you want to go and how we can help.

Scheduling your Goal Review is easy and free.

Scheduling your Goal Review Appointment

Simply navigate to  The schedule defaults to No Sweat Consultation, but can be changed to Goal Review via the drop down menu.  Be sure to select the Goal Review appointment.


You’ll then see the available time slots and can select an time slot that fits your schedule.   At this point be sure to log in with your Zen Planner credentials.

What to Expect

With these sessions we want to get to know you and what you’re looking for.   We’ll start the conversation by asking about the last 3 months and looking at the amazing things that you’ve already been able to accomplish.  Trust me there are probably more than you realize.

After we look at where you’re coming from, we dive into where you hoping to go.   This may include long term goals that could take years to prepare for or short term goals that can be accomplished before the next quarterly meeting.

We will then look at behaviors that need to be created to meet your goal.   In some cases we can offer up some quick advice that will help, but for more difficult goals we may suggest working with a coach one-on-one to help power through your goals by providing additional program help and accountability.   Either way this is your time to help us understand you and where you want to go next.

At the end of this session we will be sure to schedule our next meeting to help keeps things moving forward and centered around your goals.