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Fitness – What’s at Stake?

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Fitness – What’s at Stake?

When someone starts talking to you about fitness, what’s the first thing you think about?   For me, I think about ripped abs, doing lots of pullups, and running…long distances really fast.   Then you probably think to yourself, “I can live without ripped abs”.   But what is really at stake if you DON’T focus on your fitness?

The short answer: Choice

Justin Rope Climbing during class

Personally, I focus on working out and proper nutrition so that I have a choice.   I want to enjoy playing with my daughter, going for a great hike, and yeah I do like getting in some really great workouts.   They make me feel alive.   I also know that eating a few more veggies than I really want to and staying away from lots of sugar helps me feel good.   And when I feel good, I feel like I can do anything!!!

Think about it another way.  When you were a kid, running on the playground and going across the monkey bars was just a way of life.   Fast forward a few years to high school and all of a sudden the monkey bars are really hard.   Now as an adult “yeah right, good thing my feet can touch the ground”.   When you stopped playing on the monkey bars they started to get hard, and now its not even an option.   That’s not so bad, but the same things happens when you stop doing anything.

Coach Anna enjoying a run during class

I used to think movement was like riding a bike.   Once I could do certain movement, it would always be there.  Truth is if you don’t keep doing those things you lose them.  And unfortunately if you aren’t learning new movements, you even forget how to learn.

Your nutrition is the same.    When you think about a “health nut” always eating salad and skipping the donuts you think “Look at what they’remissing”.  But with increasing numbers of people falling ill to Type II diabetes and Heart Disease more and more people are being forced to eat healthy and given pills to combat their condition.   They no longer have the choice.   It’s either eat right, or it could kill them.

There are a lot of workout and nutrition programs available.   I own a gym and have my own workout and nutrition opinions, but honestly anything that keeps you healthy and moving is the right answer for you.   If you’re not sure where to start or are looking to start over, schedule a time to chat with us.

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Nick practicing throwing