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Educate Yourself

/Educate Yourself

December 2018

Advanced Theory Course – Starting Jan 2019


CrossFit Banshee is happy to be opening our Advanced Theory Course for current members interested in seeing what goes on behind the scenes at CrossFit Banshee.    This program is intended to educate members to get them thinking about training from a different point-of-view.   This will give insight into how and why we program our workouts, how [...]

Advanced Theory Course – Starting Jan 20192018-12-11T17:13:23+00:00

September 2018

Fitness – What’s at Stake?


When someone starts talking to you about fitness, what's the first thing you think about?   For me, I think about ripped abs, doing lots of pullups, and running...long distances really fast.   Then you probably think to yourself, "I can live without ripped abs".   But what is really at stake if you DON'T focus on your [...]

Fitness – What’s at Stake?2018-09-25T18:08:45+00:00

July 2018

How do you like to slow down?


One of the most impactful habits that I have clients practice that also happens to be dismissed the quickest is the habit of sloooowing doooown. At first glance slowing down seems easy, in fact too easy to give much thought to. Just like a workout that looks easy on paper, once you get down to [...]

How do you like to slow down?2018-07-25T15:41:45+00:00

Have you Mastered your Hunger?


How hungry are you? As I work with nutrition clients over time, the two habits that they appreciate the most and struggle the most with is eating according to their hunger and eating slowly. On the surface of these two habits they sound pretty simple, even easy. They are tempting to breeze past believing that [...]

Have you Mastered your Hunger?2018-11-21T15:48:31+00:00

April 2018

Is the Kipping Pullup cheating?


One of the questions I get asked regularly from people who have seen CrossFit on television "Isn't the kipping pullup cheating?" As with most question the answer is:  It depends. The kipping pullup is simply a pullup that uses the hips to generate momentum to help complete the rep. So [...]

Is the Kipping Pullup cheating?2018-04-25T15:54:45+00:00

What is a Bright Spot?


What is a Bright Spot? In our everyday lives we are constantly thinking about problem solving.   At work we are given issues and expected to fix them. Our kids are given problems and expected to answer them. Our households asks "What's for dinner?" and we are expected to create something.    Our lives revolve around [...]

What is a Bright Spot?2018-04-10T18:00:59+00:00

My Path to Head Coach


Since starting my path into CrossFit, things have changed a lot.   The 1 thing that hasn't changed during my path to head coach is spending time in the trenches.   Coaching, much like workouts, is something that has to be practiced.   When you start out you generally aren't very good.   As time goes you learn from [...]

My Path to Head Coach2018-04-01T17:22:26+00:00

February 2018

FAQ: What is Banshee?


FAQ: What is Banshee? Why do we call our gym CrossFit Banshee?   What is the significance of the name Banshee? History A Banshee is an Irish spirit that would warn a family when there was impending death.   This was generally associated with a family member going off to war and [...]

FAQ: What is Banshee?2018-02-23T06:10:40+00:00

January 2018

Basic Breathing


Breathing is a basic part of life, but many of us have "trained" ourselves out of doing it correctly.    In this video we break down the VERY BASIC Breathing technique to practice before taking it to other parts of your life. How to start Basic Breathing Start by laying down on the [...]

Basic Breathing2018-01-31T08:00:38+00:00

Goal Review


For members of the CrossFit Banshee family, we consistently want to sit down and make sure you are reaching your personal goals.   Each quarter we offer a free sit down to go over your goals.   In this session, you get to sit down with a coach and talk about where you want to go and [...]

Goal Review2018-01-02T15:56:21+00:00