We begin our classes at the published time with a coach led warm up. Our doors open 15 minutes prior to class. It is best to arrive 5-10 minutes early if you need to change clothes, get water, want extra stretching, or need the restroom before class. We would hate for you to lose out on a proper warm up!
Please register for the class you would like to participate in. You can reserve up to an hour before the class and you can reserve classes into the future to help you plan your week.

Our classes are capped to the first 12 that are reserved in the system. There is a possibility to get into class from the waitlist if there is a person that reserved and is a “no show” or is more than 5 minutes late to class.

Each of our members that is not on a punch card is required to have auto pay turned on in their account. We will consider exceptions on a case by case basis. Having your bill paid on the first of the month ensures you can reserve, check in, and log your workout results.
We are family friendly and love kids here. Please help us keep your child safe and understand it’s important to stay in the kid’s room while we have class in session.
Please clean up after yourself (chalk, equipment, recovery drinks, clothes, etc) and your kids (food, toys, equipment, and clothes in the kid’s room). For any equipment left out after class you get to do burpees!

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