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Advanced Theory Course – Starting Jan 2019

//Advanced Theory Course – Starting Jan 2019

Advanced Theory Course – Starting Jan 2019

CrossFit Banshee is happy to be opening our Advanced Theory Course for current members interested in seeing what goes on behind the scenes at CrossFit Banshee.    This program is intended to educate members to get them thinking about training from a different point-of-view.   This will give insight into how and why we program our workouts, how we scale, how we teach movements, and then get into how to coach and run a class.  This course is one of the requirements to becoming a coach at CrossFit Banshee, but keep in mind that this doesn’t mean we will bring you on as a coach upon completion.  

Going through this course will give you better insight into your own fitness knowledge, allowing you to understand the purpose behind what we do so that you can get more out of it.    This will give you insights into scaling to accommodate different levels of strength and even injury.  This program is intended to open your eyes to the possibility of training people as a past time or even potentially as employment down the road.    There really is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you are able to help someone achieve their goals especially when they tell you that it is something that they struggle with.

This course is not compensated, but it also doesn’t cost extra money so you will still be expected to pay your membership and participate in CrossFit classes.  There is a REQUIREMENT to record a video about your CrossFit experience.   We’ll give more details on this at during the first week.

The first 6 weeks will focus on 1 hour class room sessions plus a 30 minute workout session.   These sessions occur once each week and will go over the basics of CrossFit methodology.   In addition to classroom learning, homework will be assigned (generally reading) for discussion the next week.

After COMPLETION of the 6 week Advanced Theory Program, each participant will be interviewed to determine if they should continue into the full Intern program.

The Second 6 weeks will focus on the beginnings of running a class.   Folks participating in the intern program will be expected to lead a class with other interns/coaches and will be expected to shadow one of the CrossFit Banshee coaches each week.    Feedback from other interns will be centered on positive aspects of the coaching they have received.

The Third 6 week segment will focus on running a class in all of its glory.   Interns will continue to coach one another focusing on becoming better coaches by receiving constructive feedback from the head coach and other interns.   During this 6 week cycle each intern will lead 1 CrossFit Group class per week with the Head Coach shadowing.

During all 3 phases, we will all participate in the Continuing Education aspect of coaching.   Each month each intern will be expected to read and post commentary or reaction to an article or book that they have read.    This is one of the most important habits to establish as a potential coach as this will lead to continued growth and better experiences from members.

If you are interested or have any questions please talk with Coach Steve or email him at [email protected].